Blogs are worse than sex, but better than private TV
-Don Alphonso

Why this blog? This cannot be serious, or can it be? Don’t you have enough to do? Perhaps some information for the uninitiated may come in handy:

  • Blogs are a phenomenon of Web 2.0, the current generation of web applications. Google is another one. Over (a short) time, Web 2.0 will change the way we look at, and deal with information and communication.
  • In the old days (well, over 15 years ago), Germany was not united, and people like myself gathered useful information and put it in “FAQ” files. To discuss things, we would use newsgroups on Usenet. These are still alive and kicking.
  • Blogs, formerly called “weblogs”, are the latest and greatest – their character ranges from diary entries to travel reports to small journalistic gems. They are really powerful, however, if they are created in a human-network fashion, i.e. if a group of people with a common interest (one may call it a “community”) create blogs for each to read, link, and comment upon.

Now, why did I create this blog? A number of reasons:

  1. I also teach information systems, and needed to get up to speed with the latest technology from all sides, including from the inside. No better way to do this than participate!
  2. I am an obsessive collector of irrelevant information … as a student, I took care of 3 FAQ files in my field of research, and I loved it. But the net has grown up (it’s a teenager now), and I must go with the times…
  3. I like sharing my thoughts and ideas before they have matured & gone staid (for me). In fact, if I don’t write them up, they’ll perish and disappear again (there are worse things, I know).
  4. I believe that a network of blogs related to executive coaching, which could include (anonymous) client stories, ideas, feelings, trends, etc. would be a useful resource, somehow well aligned with this peculiar activity.

I could probably think of more reasons… if you are intrigued enough to sacrifice 5 minutes to set your own blog up (but dont know how) & a small fraction of your time whenever the muse touches you, then get in touch with me.

Caveat: Please note that a blog is not an essay, nor an (ever finished) article-it’s a glimpse of the mind, a mental snapshot, a puzzle. Meant to be tossed about and edited forever, and maybe chucked out in the end.



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