There he is – your new coach. You’re the executive, the worker. He is the wounded healer, the scion of Apollo. He is supposed to speak your language, not you to speak his. But in the process, along the thorny path of encounter, mutuality, conflict, you pick up a few tools – including an axe for grinding, a megaphone to be heard, and an elephant’s ear to listen. You become conscious of having an unconscious, of having a shadow, of being yourself but not alone. Of being free but bound. Of going to die but with many options on the way. You greet him – he bows. There will be a contract, money will change sides. A story begins.

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One Response to “About”

  1. Eric Says:

    Thank you for the kind link from the Knowledge Management article. If you find the blog informative, would you mind adding a link to your blogroll? I have many articles on business and leadership that your readers may find useful.

    BTW- I like the Beowulf post. I have one called Leadership Lessons From Leonidas you might find interesting.

    Cheers, Eric
    (a.k.a. WeirdGuy)

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